CAVALTEK focuses on being a commercial agent that understands the importance of quality for Buyers and Suppliers of dry and dehydrated fruits. This is why we directly supervise the production processes in the place of origin, both directly or through third-party experts trained and controlled by us.

Our work method statement

CAVALTEK complements the quality reports of the Chilean fruit processors with their own quality reports. In case that we detect deviations that are matter of a simple correction, the supplier is immediately asked to correct this deviations before the dispatch. But if there are deviations of greater complexity, our client is informed at the destination so they are aware of the deviation before receiving the product, this in order to determine together the measures to be followed, the main focus here is to avoid shipping any problem.


All the supplier’s companies that we manage comply with the food safety and safety standards demanded and universally known by the supermarket chains, mainly highlighting HACCP and BRC certifications, and also in some cases, they can also meet special certifications such as KOSHER for the Hebrew communities.

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Customers who prefer our products are located both in Chile and abroad.