We are a global company

Our products are present in 30 countries around the world thanks to the confidence that our customers, buyers, distributors along to the Chilean processors and exporters whom choose Cavaltek as a collaborator for a sustainably grow their businesses with us.


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Nuestros clientes están presentes de norte a sur por toda América


Prunes D’Agen variety are grown and produced in field certified by Global GAP, dehydrated by sun or oven and packed in facilities certified by BRC standards.


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Raisins can boost iron levels, and keep your bones strong. Same as prunes, raisins contain high amounts of nutrients and minerals that promote good health. Our suppliers can offer a wide variety of raisins. Dark varieties sun dried; Flame, Thompson, Crimson y Black. Golden varieties oven dried (Thompson and Superior) and red variety oven dried (Crimson).


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IQF Frozen Fruits

Berries are especially remarkable for their high antioxidant content and provide a number of impressive health benefits. All these properties are well preserved in frozen IQF just as good as fresh from the bush. Blueberries & raspberries (organic and conventional), blackberries (wild and conventional), Strawberries (whole and slices) and also apples in dices, slices etc.


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